FEA-100 Award

PURPOSE The purpose of this award is to deepen mutual friendship among members and enhance activities
START DATE 0000 UTC 1st January 2021. All logged QSOs must be made on or after the start date.
RULES The FEA-100 Award is earned by working 100 points of FEA members. FEA member is worth one point. FEA affiliated club stations (JE7YTQ #15100, JO1ZZZ #15200, JL3YOC #15300) are worth three points. FEA National Club Station (JL3YMV #15000) is worth five points.
QSO with same member on other bands are also countable.
LOGS For each QSO logged: Date / Call sign / Band / RST / Time in UTC / FISTS Number / Points. Logs may be in ADIF or CSV format.
GENERAL Not only all FEA members, but also worldwide FISTS members can submit. There is no charge.
ENTRIES TO email to awards(a)fists-ea.org. Please replace '(a)' with '@'.
REMARKS Countable QSO are made with FEA members who have their FISTS number, not only active but also inactive members, when you apply for the FEA-100 Award. Please count members (FISTS numbers), not callsigns.


Please click here to show the list of members who belong to the East Asia chapter.
It is a great idea to call CQ FISTS or CQ FEA around FEA Center of Activity Frequencies:
7.028, 10.118/10.128/10.133, 14.058, 18.085, 21.058/21.138, 24.908, 28.058/28.158 MHz
You can use the Internet for assistance. Following sites will be usuful.
FEA QRV Information: http://www.fists-ea.org/qrvinfo/qrvinfo.cgi


Award Winner

Nr. Name Callsign Date
001 Masa G JA4MRL May 30, 2021


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